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New Sixth Form Committee Announced

Sixth Form

23 June 2023

The Sixth Form Committee exists to bring together EHS as a community and enables Sixth Formers to engage with Senior School across a multitude of events both academic and pastorally. 

Committee members have the opportunity to run assemblies informing pupils about their role, what they have been doing or what will be done. They work in accordance with the student leadership team and hold regular full committee meetings together to discuss events, to ensure that any issues are dealt with, and to ensure people are supported. 

House Captains
The house captains and deputies help with running and organising house events such as the House Bake Off and Sports Day. The captains and deputies encourage participation and enthusiasm within their houses in all of these events. 
Patrick Captain: Lucille Sutton
Patrick Deputies: Tea Ilic, Aarya Dhami 
George Captain: Arriella Randall 
George Deputies: Ruth Christian, Tara Uppal
Francis Captain: Amelie Moylan 
Francis Deputies: Amy Blackledge, Ria Singh 
David Captain: Mollie Hewison
David Deputies: Lucy Vaughan, Alice Rooney 
Andrew Captain: Amelia Slater
Andrew Deputies: Lexi Byrne, Kiren Aulakh
Charity Representatives
These reps help to run fundraising events like samosa sales and talent shows. Charity reps will raise money for charities who helped help those in need, examples of this include during RAG week where the charity reps and the House reps work together on a week of events in school to raise money for charities.  
Charity Reps: Aila Chaudhary, Ria Singh, Alma Damer

Green Representative 
The role of Green Representative is there to speak up for environmental concerns in school and helps to ensure EHS stays as environmentally-friendly as possible. They carry out eco-surveys and enforce pledges and codes to develop the schools green activity. 
Green Rep: Lucy Abbott

Front of House
The front of house girls oversee displays for productions, concerts and open days. They promote the importance of guiding and helping at these school events and did a fantastic job at our Senior School Open Day this week.
Front of House: Hafsah Rehman, Abby Hurley, Aliza Mussani, Chelsy Sketchely 

The Mentoring Team 
These reps oversee the mentoring system in Senior School and Sixth Form. They allocate mentors to pupils and approve their suitability for the role. There are also a team of pastoral mentors who look at fostering positive mental and emotional health at EHS. They can help to support younger pupils one-on-one or be there to hear pastoral concerns. 
Pastoral Mentors: Anula Oates (team leader), Isobel Busby, Shyni Weerasinghe, Evie Crow-Marcetic. 
Academic Mentors: Mona Abras (Team Leader), Carys Hayes, Hardeep Bansil. 

Head Prefect
The student in this position organises meetings with other Year 12 prefects and create rotas for the prefects and their duties. They can also act as support and guidance for the rest of the committee. 
Head Prefect: Hemma Lalli

PR Ambassadors
These reps organise Sixth Form new for the school’s weekly e-newsletter, Friday Headlines, write blogs and assist the front of house with displays for events. They also represent the Sixth Form committee on social media and play a key role in representing the school.
PA ambassadors: Monet Egawa, Nitara Sharma

OGA Liaison
This rep is there to be a bridge between the Old Girls’ Association of former pupils and current pupils. They attend a range of events run by the OGA as well as provide information to the rest of the school about how they can get support through the OGA. 
OGA Liaison: Lauren Hurley 

Student Head of Music and Sports Captain
Student head of music is responsible for music assemblies organise musical opportunities and events and provide leadership to music scholars. Sports Captain, will provide leadership to the individual captains lower down in the school. They need to be present at sporting events and record results of matches and tournaments they will also encourage participation of Students in sporting activities such as sports day. 
Sports Captain: Jemima Jackson 
Student Head of Music: Amelie Moylan

EDI Ambassador
Our which stands for Equality, diversity and inclusion ambassador. They will have the opportunity to help organise workshops to educate pupils on a chosen topic. Arrange drop-in sessions for pupils to ask questions and voice any concerns on equality diversion and inclusion within school. And they could even choose suitable external speakers to run talks on appropriate topics. 
EDI Ambassador: Ameera Mohamed 

Poet Laureate
The EHS Poet Laureate promotes a love of poetry in school, often performing self-penned poems for special occasions such as Year 13 Prize-Giving and end of year assemblies. This year’s Poet Laureate is the very talented Jamie James.

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