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23 June 2023

Reception girls had a fabulous day out at West Midlands Safari park this week. They were excited to see so many animals lying outside in the shade enjoying the warm day. They were lucky enough to see feeding time in the lion enclosure as well as some giraffes really close up. The girls were amazed to see that the giraffes were even taller than our coach! 

The drive through was followed by a picnic lunch which was definitely a highlight of the day! We even had a group of ducks that came to visit us for lunch; mummy duck brought her 11 ducklings too! 

After a quick play at Giggly Park we headed for the rides! The girls were so excited but demonstrated such maturity as they took it in turns to have a go. The carousel and the safari trucks were definite favourites. 

After a few rounds of ‘Alice the Camel’ we all enjoyed a calm and quite coach journey home!

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