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Spring Term 2021 Excellence Book


Monica Liao (8G)

For her superb drawing of a pumpkin. Monica researched her own pumpkins so that she could include additional detail.  The shadowing detail and tone are superb.

Lucy Abbott (10B)

For her beautiful Cézanne inspired acrylic fruit painting. Worthy of display in any Art Gallery.

Siena Henry (9C)

For incredible detail, colour and use of shading in her drawing work. So life like!

Rosanna Navabi (10B)

For her accomplished draftmanship throughout the year but in particular for her ‘under the sea’ work. Her energy and commitment has been outstanding


Tiffany Latham (7S)

For being a winner of the Classics Department ‘Classical Myth Competition’. Tiffany won for producing excellent character drawings and an exciting story which felt very authentic to the style of a Greek myth.

Juniper Siegel (10R)

For being a winner of the Classics Department ‘Classical Myth Competition’. Juniper submitted multiple entries and included wonderful images which made her world easier to visualise. Her short play and stories were creative and descriptive and drew the reader in.

Madeline Vernon (Year 12)

For excellent draftmanship and for producing a substantial body of diverse and exciting work. Madeline is particularly commended for the energy and commitment she has brought to the project.


Norehan Elkhazin (8L)

For her work in English on ‘Hobson’s Choice’. Her work which included diary entries and set designs alongside investigations into the language were superb.

Amara Ahuja (9C)

For an excellent powerpoint presentation on costume design for a modern day version of Merchant of Venice. Each character was thoughtfully considered and researched.

Katie King (9W)

For a fabulous film trailer for a modern day version of Merchant of Venice. Katie used carefully chosen snippets of songs to convey key messages about the play.

Sabiha Sattar Mohammed (8G)

For an excellent piece of extension scripting, showing detailed knowledge of the characters and the play.

Carmen Sanchez Diamente (9C)

For a fascinating short story called ‘The Vanished; which has been published and for her trailer of a modern day version of the Merchant of Venice, re-titled Merchant of Villas. The trailer was funny, imaginative and informative.

Jannah Hussain (9W)

For wonderful period costume drawings for characters in the Merchant of Venice.  Jannah has captured the characters remarkably well with her exquisite drawings and thoughtful use of colour.

Maya Sharma (9W) and Rhea Ganesh (9S)

For a collaborative project on period costumes for characters in Merchant of Venice. The costumes were well thought out and beautifully drawn.  Both Rhea and Maya could speak knowledgeably about the characters.

Amber Gill (8L)

For a wonderful description of Mumbai Life.  The phrases she used really carried the reader to the streets of Mumbai.


Also, for participating in the Cranmer Awards Junior Finals havng won her regional heat. She had to read from memory The Magnificent, Nunc Dimittis and Psalm 47.


Anjali Doal (8L)

For raising awareness about the use of Palm Oil following her Geography lesson; and making the front page of Instagram. An informed and sensitive explanation.

Gracie Roberts (8G)

For an excellent investigation and presentation of her findings, into Palm Oil, including Sustainable Palm Oil and companies committed to reducing use.

Maryam Maher (Year 12)

For going the extra mile and researching the London Riots after they were discussed in a Geography lesson.  Maryam not only found out more information but presented it to the class also.


Jess Brodie, Simar Bharya, Christie Johnson, Aleena Ahmed and Elizabet Marton (7J)

Each girl produced an excellent model of a Motte-and-Bailey castle using an interesting array of materials, cardboard, plates, toy farm pieces and even cake and chocolate.



Kate Stockton (8B)

For a very detailed description of her house in Spanish. Kate showed great independence and initiative in her inclusion of adjectives and complex vocabulary.

Isabel Curry (9W)

For her excellent piece of writing in Spanish about holidays. She used a wide range of vocabulary and expressed her opinions really well.

Mona Abras, Lexi Byrne (10B) and Aisha Ghauri (10PG)

Superb writing about their pastimes in Spanish. They showcased great syntactical understanding and sophisticated vocabulary.

Evie Glass (8B) and Katie Stockton (8B)

For an outstanding paragraph in Spanish describing where they live and their daily routines in flawless Spanish.


Both Evie and Kate also managed to teach Mrs Macro a little bit of Spanish in the meeting!


Star Ehiogu (8G)

For managing to hold the plank for an impressive 9 minutes, beating her teacher by 6 minutes and her own personal best.

Maya Gupta, Elsie Fraser, Maggie Lester, Eva Seymour (all in 7J)

For working together to produce a freestyle dance routine. Showing resilience and creativity to overcome sync issues.  Great fun!



Lalitha Perumalla (8L)

For an engaging poster on Yeast that conveyed a great deal of information.

Sophia Yaqoob (8L)

For an informative and interesting powerpoint presentation on Yeast.


Norehan Elkhazin (8L)

For a fabulous comparison of chocolate and rocks to explain the different structure.  A fantastic way to visualise and understand the difference.


Nethara Rajapakse, Sofia Iemelianova, Lily Khawaya, Adela Sabharwal (Year 8)

For a wonderful presentation on Mary Quant. Each girl presented the information in an engaging, colourful and interesting way. All agreed that there was a lot more to Mary Quant than they first thought.

Jasmine Kalirai (8L)

For a lovely, informative and colourful presentation on Vivienne Westwood. Jasmine captured the spirit of Westwood’s creations perfectly.


Omala Abrol, Zahra Al-Ani, Caitlin Kisumba (Year 12)

For an excellent presentation to Year 11, including some external pupils, on life in the Sixth Form. They produced an engaging set of google slides and spoke with interest and enthusiasm.

Polly Starkie (11M)

For an interview she gave on the BBC about Climate Change and the responsibility The Church has with regard to this. And for her podcast she created with her father; topics ranging from cricket to holidays. A wonderful listen and very entertaining.

Lujayn Ismail (Y12)

For writing an excellent letter to prospective Year 12 students explaining the benefits of being at EHS and that there is always a welcoming atmosphere.

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