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Spotlight on Booker Prize Celebrates Literary Excellence

Senior School

08 December 2023

In a recent assembly, Senior School pupils showcased the Booker Prize, a prestigious literary award bestowed upon the most outstanding work of fiction in English published in the UK and Ireland. In the assembly, the girls introduced the shortlist for 2023 and provided several summaries of the novels under consideration, shedding light on the diverse themes explored in each one.

Among the shortlisted novels, Paul Murray's "The Bee Sting" was briefly examined as a narrative of lies, grief, and self-discovery within a family saga. The students delved into Sarah Bernstein's "The Study of Obedience," highlighting cultural tensions at play in a remote northern country. They also explored the dystopian realm of "Prophet Song" by Paul Lynch, which unfolds against the backdrop of Dublin.

Whilst highlighting the transformative impact of the £50,000 prize and the additional £2,500 awarded to each shortlisted author, the students looked at the broader significance of The Booker Prize and its role in promoting self-discovery, open-mindedness, and knowledge. 

Ecat said: “The Booker Prize is important as it allows English literature enthusiasts to embark on a journey of self-discovery. It reduces narrow-mindedness and increases your knowledge, improving your perception of the world around us. The books introduced in the long list or shortlist can enhance your resilience and confidence in reading.”

In November, the winner of The Booker Prize 2023 was unveiled as “Prophet Song”. This novel, along with all the other books in the shortlist, is now available for borrowing from the English department in both hard copy and Kindle format. 


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