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Sixth Form Super Sleuths

Sixth Form

24 March 2023

Students put on their detective caps and applied their best sleuthing skills at the Spring Term Sixth Form Social.

The Sixth Form Enrichment events team had devised a thrilling Murder Mystery night in which the Head Girl and four members of staff were prime suspects in the case of 'The Mysterious Death of the Head of Year 12', deciphering clues left in different locations around the school. They had a fantastic night, and their hard work was rewarded with takeaway pizza, Just Dance and Karaoke!

To prove she was not harmed in the making of the case, Mrs Ehiogu also joined us at the event and said: “Thank you to all of the students who worked very hard to put the night together.  It was great to see everyone working in their teams to solve the mystery and bring the killer to justice”.

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