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Pizza and a movie treat for EHS Sixth formers

06 November 2020

To celebrate the start of half term and to treat the sixth form traditionally EHS holds an Autumn term social for them.  This event is always planned by the Head Girl and Deputy Head Girls as an end of term treat for the sixth form.  This year, on Wednesday 21 October, the leadership team organised and hosted a pizza and movie evening after school with each year group having their event in their year group bubble in their respective common rooms.  Pizza and chips went down extremely well with the sixth form and they enjoyed setting up their own ‘cinema’ in the common rooms.  The event provided the opportunity for the whole year group come together and switch off from all of their hard work this half term.  It was a well-deserved social, enjoyed by all.  Well done to Naomi Okafor, Myra Hassan and Fiona Mellor for organising this social event.

- Mrs Parsons

On Wednesday 21st, the whole school arrived, dressed in pink, looking forward to a relaxed end to the start of this academic year and to raising money for the great charity, St Mary’s Hospice. After a challenging half term, Year 12 were also delighted to relax together, watching ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ with pizza and chips for their sixth form social. 

The head of year, Mrs Ehiogu, treated the girls to a selection of chocolates and sweets to enjoy throughout the evening, alongside their own delicious snacks. With the comfy chairs and blankets, they relished a cosy night together, as a rewarding end to a tiring half term. 

We look forward to immersing ourselves into the remainder of this Christmas term and hopefully more socials as well!

- Written by Lujayn and Ilene Year 12

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