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Senior School Excellence Book

08 July 2020

The following Senior and Sixth Form girls have been commended for their excellent work during the Summer Term:

Summer Term Book Summer 2020




Renée Henry (8S) 

For her commitment to her work in Art during Lockdown and for her articulate and perceptive comments in her Art History.

Constance Davies (12) 

For amazing Graphics work in designing business cards, menus and restaurant branding 

Amara Ahuja (8C) 

Emily Bongs (8C) 

For excellent work on their Art History project on Pre-Raphaelites. 


Madeleine Bowler (8C) 

For an impressive re-creation of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius! Brilliant!  

Ekjyot Kaur (8S) 

For a fantastic handmade model of Mount Vesuvius and for re-creating the eruption 

Karisham Mangal (8B) 

Also for her impressive Mount Vesuvius model and re-creating the eruption 

Layla Majid (7S) 

Shyni Weeransighe (9G) 

For entering into the Mount Vesuvius eruption challenge.  Both girls produced stylish and impressive eruptions.

Very eye-catching. 


All for outstanding poems: 


Janna Hussain (8B) 

‘A dying dream to save the world’ 

Carmen Sanchez Diamente (8C) 

‘Proud to be different’ 

Maia Kanagaratnam (8C) 

‘My crime?’ 

Ruby Gayle (8S) 

‘I am a turtle swimming in the sea’ 

Siena Henry (8C) 

‘Dear Children of 2050’ 

Carmen Sanchez Diamente (8C) 

For an incredible short story of 100 words! The story will be published in a book through the Young Writers Society. 

Sophia Yaqoob (7S) 

For an excellent English presentation on her favourite pets. Sophia presented really well maintaining eye contact with her audience 

Ruby Sharma (7J) 

For an excellent presentation on her favourite poet Emily Dickson 

Monica Liao (7C) 

For a brilliant presentation on the poet Benjamin Zephaniah. Monica particularly enjoys his poetry because of the way he is able to describe nature 

Layla Majid (7S) 

For brilliant contributions to TEAMS lesson and for capturing a very convincing voice for the character of a poem. 

Hannaya Sajid (7S) 

For an excellent presentation on Maya Angelou 


Simran Sangha (9L) 

For an informative, interesting and colourful powerpoint on Materials 

Sabiha Sattar Mohammed (7C) 

For an excellent news report on the poem ‘The Mistletoe Bough’.  The headline ‘the Tragic Table-Turning Time Mystery – a Wedding Gone Wrong’ was certainly eye-catching 

Nethara Rajapakse (7S) 

For an excellent speech, worthy of being performed at the United Nations and a beautifully thought out and well executed piece on ‘The Kraken’ 

Isabel Curry (8B) 

For seeing song lyrics as a form of poetry and choosing a fascinating artist to do a presentation about, in relation to Black Lives Matter. 

Ejay Surgeoner (8C) 

For an excellent letter to William Blake on his views of the education system. Thoughtful and thought-provoking 

Cassy Molokwu (9 

For an outstanding piece of research she completed on the First World War and the poet Wilfred Owen 

Siena Henry (8C) 

For an excellent presentation on James Weldon Johnson; a civil rights activist, writer, composer, politician, educator, lawyer and author. Siena captured his life and achievements very well. 

Renée Henry (8S) 

For an excellent presentation and discussion on the poet Benjamin Zephaniah 

Amber Gill (7S) 

For a lively presentation on the poet Roger Stevens whose poetry Amber loves to perform at festivals 

Phoebe Hughes (7S) 

For an interesting presentation on her favourite poet, Michael Rosen and her favourite poem ‘Chocolate Cake’. 

Phoebe also write a lovely poem on the theme of Lockdown 

Carmen Sanchez Diamente (8C) 

For an excellent presentation on the poet Benjamin Zephaniah, and a very discussion about his poetry 


Daisy Edmonds (7S) 

Sakinah Rahman (7S) 

Millie Hardiman (7C) 

For creating outstanding scenes from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ using a variety of materials to great effect.  The inventiveness and creativity displayed was brilliant 

Kate Stockton (7J) 

For a fabulous and amazing interpretation of a Midsummer Night’s Dream, creating a shoe box theatre set using Lego. It raised the spirits of her teacher 

Elisha Pang (7J) 

For a delightful theatre box depicting a scene from Midsummer Night’s Dream. The juxtaposition of man-made and natural materials was fantastic 

Louise Krone (7C) 

For a gloriously colourful theatre box depicted a scene from Midsummer Night’s Dream. The level of detail in the model was brilliant 

Amara Ahuja (8C) 

For a wonderful Romeo and Juliet Drama project. Amara recreated the balcony scene out of a shoe box and made Romeo and Juliet out of magic clay. Fantastic! 


Sakinah Rahman (7S) 

For baking wonderful fruit scones and for evaluating the process and end product so well. 

Sophia Yaqoob (7S) 

For creating outstanding (and very tasty looking) bread, cakes and quesadillas 


Madeleine Bowler (8C) 

Excellent video presentation on Meander and Oxbow Lakes 


Monica Liao (7C) 

For an excellent poster on Medieval Clothing – totally inventive and creative 


Emma Burns (8C) 

For the videos and challenges she has been setting Year 5 Maths students on Seesaw 




Mandeep Karlcut (13) 

For an outstanding essay on comparing Covid-19 and the plague of Camus and Horseman’s Roof of Giono 

Anya Oates (13) 

For 2 excellent essays (one on the plague of Camus and Covid-19 and another on the film ‘Le Secret’# 


Both girls read/watched in French 

Gursharan Bhamra (10M) 

For an outstanding article written in French about life in the UK during Lockdown 



Layla Majid (7S) 

For a wonderful poem written in German about animals. 

Isobel Busby (9M) 

For a powerful presentation ion Sports written and spoken in German 

Gursharan Bhamra (10M) 

For excellent verbal contributions in both German and Mandarin 



Chloe Woodall (7J) 

Elisha Pang (7J) 

Shanya Kulatunge (8B) 

Samara Kulatunge (7S) 

For impressing their Mandarin Teacher with their beautiful handwriting and sentences they have made in Mandarin 



Keerat Bharj (10R) 

Outstanding work in Spanish since Lockdown, culminating in an outstanding piece of writing 

Amara Ahuja (8C) 

Iyda Gilani (8S) 

Renée Henry (8S) 

Siena Henry (8C) 

Work in Spanish is consistently excellent and they finished all extension tasks set. 

Manisha Art (9A) 

Lexi Byrne (9A) 

Excellent work in Spanish all year round. 

Paola Dietrich de Pablo (8M) 

For completing the Year 10 Spanish exam despite being in Year 9. She is preparing to take her GCSE examination in June 2021 

Simran Sangha (9L) 

For excellent Spanish work on OneNote. She has completed all the tasks and to an excellent standard 

Kate Stockton (7J) 

For producing excellent work in Spanish all year. She regularly completes extension work, and is doing really well 


Layla Majid (7S) 

For an excellent performance and contribution to the Music Assembly.  She sang Close Every Door acapella 




Caroline Mackie (7M) 

For excellent effort and mindful colouring of a Mandala and for displaying enthusiasm all year in RS. 





Jorja Newling – 8S 

Alayna Malik 

Renée Henry 

Zara Hiscock 

For an informative, interesting and broad look at Colour in Crime and Psychology 

Isabel Curry – 8B 

Liza Malik 

Dhruti Modhavida 

Hannah Shutt 

Karishma Mangal 

For an excellent presentation on the Colour Purple – looking at the history of the colour and the Science behind the colour. Great teamwork. 

Aava Avari – 8C 

Anna Butler 

Ecaterina Dima 

Ejay Surgeoner 

Maia Kanagaratnam 

For a fascinating and interesting presentation on the Colour Purple. Each member of the team contributed a section to the powerpoint and were declared the winning team by the rest of the class. 

MY SCIENCE PROJECTS: This year girls achieving GOLD AWARDS are as follows: 

Anoukh Deau (7J) 

An informative project on The Auroras which made excellent use of images 

Anjali Doal (7S) 

An extensively researched project on Global warming and Climate change 

Georgina Gillott (7M) 

A project on The Science of Fish that presented varied and interesting information  

Evie Glass (7J) 

A very thorough project on The Hippocampus which made a complex subject easy to understand 

Hanna Hemraj (7J) 

Asked “Colors - how are they made?” and found out a wide range of techniques   

Sakinah Rahman (7S) 

An investigation of How we can test the pH of household substances that extended the  ideas introduced in class  

Gracie Roberts (7C) 

For a producing a fabulous Science project on marginal gains in reducing drag in competitive swimming. Gracie spent several months on the project and contacted Swim England in order to understand even more. Gracie produced a wonderful presentation that included both video and powerpoint. Outstanding work worthy of an A level student. 

Hannaya Sajid (7J) 

A wide ranging and topical project on Pollution that made great use of data 

Laaibah Zia (7J) 

A detailed project on Technetium which covering its history and application  

Maisie Johnson Gregory (7M) 

A carefully planned practical investigation titled “Why isn't bread alcoholic?” 

Kate Stockton (7J) 

A beautifully presented project on The Heart including a balance of facts and investigation. 


Iyda Gilani (8S) 

For exceptional online work on Muscles and Plants, showing an extremely high level of effort 

Phoebe Cruice (7M) 

For outstanding effort and results in her Biology assessments. 


Sakinah Rahman (7S) 

For an impressive chocolate rock cycle; tasty and educational! 

Sophia Yaqoob (7S) 

For using her initiative and discovering branches of science that she had not heard of and then creating powerpoints about them. 


Sakinah Rahman (7S) 

For creating a 10metre illustration of the Solar System. Incredible! 

Sophia Yaqoob (7S) 

For excellent work in Physics.  Sophia produced a Fossil Fuels booklet in her own time because she was so interested in the topic 

Energy Island Tasks 

Isobel Hemming (9L) 

For achieving a Grade 8 in her Energy Island Task; for considering arguments for and against the choices they made and expressing them in a clear and concise way 

Carys Hayes (9A) 

For an excellent Energy Island, achieving a Grade 8 due to expertly argued opinions and a well labelled diagram 

Monet Egawa (9L) 

For a hugely impressive Energy Island, achieving a Grade 9 (top grade). Monet expertly argued for and against each energy choice and was able to feedback her ideas in a clear and concise way 


Phoebe Cruice (7M) 

For her video on making ear protectors for the NHS 

Iram Hamid (11LM) 

For raising a tremendous £2000 for the Halimah Trust, a charity Iram became aware of when she was in Year 9. The Trust has helped build a school and college for girls in Pakistan, and the money Iram raised went towards this. A tremendous achievement and worthwhile charity. 

Nikita Basandrai (10M) 

For participating in the Meaningful May Challenge and completing many kind and good deeds including reminding neighbours to Clap for the NHS, making dinner for the family and making her dad his favourite cakes 

Charlotte Meek (11R) 

For cycling over 200km in the May Challenge and for encouraging Year 11 to exercise together, ‘at home’ 

Renée Henry (8C)  

An excellent piece of Art work completed for a Community Competition 

Siena Henry (8S) 

For her contribution to a Community Competition. Siena’s submission was a poem called ‘Invisible Adversary’ – the images the poem highlights are so powerful 

Aa’Ishaa Bint-Marshall (9A) 

Esha Binning (9M) 

For receiving highly commended for their entries in the ‘Step into the NHS’ competition 

Mary Smith-Holmes (11R) 

Lockdown Showcase – for a most incredible and intricate models. The patience and dexterity to create these models is extraordinary. Mary has enjoyed making the models during Lockdown 

Phoebe Cruice (7M) 

For her Spirited Arts submission – a poem about Where is God? 

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