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08 July 2020

After a most challenging term we have reached the summer holidays.  In our week’s assemblies we have all reflected on what has been accomplished and we have celebrated the achievements of the girls who have been ‘working together whilst apart’, the title of our distance learning programme.
It is clear from the work produced that the girls have been challenged, worked hard and enjoyed their learning.  We also know that they will all be pleased to return to school in September after the holiday, to be back with friends and teachers for the new academic year.
This last week has included much clearing up and reflecting on the year.  In addition Year 1 held a mini Sports Day Challenge and Year 4 visited the allotment.  Year 6 also enjoyed a range of end of term activities.  Although these have not been the traditional way of ending their time in Prep they seem to have enjoyed their week.  Their reflections show how much they have appreciated and enjoyed their years in Prep and their Yearbooks will provide a wealth of shared memories.
We did manage to hold several of our traditional events which included the annual picnic. Girls and staff from Nursery to Year 6 visited the EHS playing fields on Monday.  Being spread around the field did not take away from the feeling of being together as a Prep School community for the first time this term.  Lara in Year 1 was lucky enough to have the biggest birthday party of the year!  Whilst we were out in the fresh air some girls from Reception built their own bug house to help an insect they found.
Some girls in Year 4 also made some new friends this week although have not actually met them.  The Lockdown Fairies have been setting up home in the grounds.  Ethel has left them messages each day and the girls left gifts of food for the fairies in return.  We hope they do not miss us during the break.
Just before breaking up we have also shared news of a tremendous achievement in the national Junior Language Challenge.  EHS is the only school in the UK to be awarded 2 Champion of Champions golds.  Well done to Ellie and Emma and to the silver and bronze winners.  You can read more about this achievement in the additional article.
We ended this unprecedented term in traditional Prep style as Sofia and Nadia performed their last official duty by leading the girls in the three cheers.  
I close wishing everyone a happy holiday ahead and sending warmest wishes to those girls and families who are leaving the Prep School.  Please stay safe and keep in touch.
Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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