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Year 10 Students Attend Science Live

Senior School

03 February 2023

On Monday 30 January, after a brisk, chilly walk to The Symphony Hall, Year 10 were treated to a range of dynamic and inspiring talks by high profile scientists. 

Professor Jim Al-Khalili, Dr Helen Czerski, Professor Alice Roberts, Professor Andrea Sella and Professor Robert Winston introduced the girls to the fields they work in and showed them how the Science they learn in school is applied. As well as this, the girls were shown the vast array of opportunities available to them as a professional working in scientific fields. The day was fast-moving, exciting and thought-provoking and gave the students the chance to raise issues with the scientists.  

As an added bonus, an experienced Science examiner spoke as a part of the day, giving practical top tips for examination success across the Sciences.  

The girls enjoyed the day and returned to school feeling inspired!

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