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Rainforest Roadshow magic


15 March 2019

On Wednesday 6 March, Year 4 girls enjoyed a visit from Dave Shaw with his exciting and informative Rainforest Roadshow. 

Mr Shaw thrilled the girls with stories of visits to rainforests all over the world. In return Year 4 impressed him with their knowledge and insightful questions. Everyone had the chance to meet Charlotte, the flame knee tarantula, and Carlos, the milk snake, with plenty of our girls being brave enough to hold them both! 

In the afternoon girls were given the opportunity to handle genuine rainforest artefacts and learn of their origins and uses. Each girl was able to have a go at sketching beautiful rainforest creatures and making their own bead necklace to take home. The tribal face painting was very popular, using several different designs, each with their own significance. 

Overall everyone had a busy and enjoyable day.

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