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Classicists attend BMCA conference

15 March 2019

Last Saturday, A Level students studying Latin and Classical Civilisation travelled to Birmingham University to attend a Classics Conference organised by the Birmingham Midlands Classical Association (BMCA).

The girls attended a variety of different talks and interactive sessions aimed at students studying A Levels. Those studying Latin focused on the language and verse translation, learning valuable skills that would help with their A Level exams, and had the opportunity to attend other sessions that were tailored to the set texts being studied in school. Classical Civilisation students attended talks based on topics which they study as part of their A Level curriculum. 

The activities provided the girls with a deeper knowledge and understanding of the material, whether that was the historical and political climate, or the intentions and motives of the authors, and the girls came away with lots of useful information and advice that will be invaluable to their learning as a whole. 

We would like to thank Mrs McAlister and the BMCA for organising the conference.

Mandeep Karlcut, Sixth Form


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