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RAG Week Supports Girls Education

Senior School

17 February 2023

This year’s RAG (Raising and Giving) Week has seen girls across the school raising money to help educate girls in Nepal. 

The week has been abuzz with excitement and we’ve been treated to a host of events throughout break and lunch times. Monday’s chip sale went down a storm with everyone tucking into skin-on chunky fries for break time snack and Tuesday’s bake sale was so successful that only crumbs were left behind! On Wednesday lunch time teachers went head-to-head in a Task Master Challenge, with five eager competitors taking part in various tasks to gain points. The Sixth Form House Captains worked incredibly hard to organise the events as well as sharing some pre-recorded tasks that left the audience in hysterics! On Thursday the food continued with a sell-out samosa sale (thank you to Mrs Sahota for organising the delivery of the delicious samosas). The last event to round off the week was the most anticipated of them all....Mr Ball getting his legs waxed!

Money raised during RAG Week is going to the International Nepal Fellowship (INF), a wonderful Birmingham-based charity whose work includes supporting projects to improve schools in Nepal and to keep Nepalese girls in education. Girls living in rural Nepal do not have access to a good quality education, and many drop out of school because of issues such as child marriage or because families cannot afford it. A lack of education limits girls’ opportunities to study and work in the future, leaving them trapped in a cycle of poverty. 

Find out more by watching a video at where you can also donate to support this important work.

Stand by for our grand total after half term, and thank you to everyone for supporting this week. 

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