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Lockdown inspires new initiatives

15 May 2020

During their spare time in lockdown, we have been very pleased to see many girls taking the opportunity to stay busy, trying out new ventures and developing new skills and talents.

Whilst busy with her studies, preparations for examinations and taking wildlife photographs for Mrs's Crimps assembly, Year 9 pupil Aila Chaudhry has also managed to find time to dedicate to support her mother's charity. 'Super Hands' provides education for children living in poverty in Pakistan and Aila has worked hard contributing to a media campaign for the charity. See some examples of her very professional handiwork below!

Hawra Mohamed in Year 13 has a small greetings cards and calligraphy business and is currently selling cards for Eid. Photos below show some of the flyers and three designs that she is selling. Having taught herself the art of Calligraphy during the summer following her GCSE examinations, she is continuing to use her initiative and be proactive, and has been completing some online Open University courses in preparation for the autumn when she hopes to study Biomedical Science at the University of Birmingham.

Very well done to Aila and Hawra for their efforts.

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