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Psychology in action

30 November 2018

On Tuesday 27 November, the Year 13 psychologists enjoyed a day at Warwick University, taking their understanding of Psychology beyond the specification.

The day involved a series of lectures given by a variety of speakers, including academics, science writers and a speaker who had been subject to psychological research after being involved in a car accident. The topics ranged from those on the A level specification, such as phobias and neuroplasticity, to new ideas such as the mind being ‘flat’ (with no hidden depths and the brain essentially just making everything up as it goes along!).

However, the highlight of the day for many girls was the final speaker; a hypnotist. After debunking some popular myths about hypnosis, the girls, along with the other school attending, were treated to a live demonstration. In this, the speaker explained how methods of influencing the mind, such as the power of suggestion and peer pressure, were able to induce participants to perform acts usually seen under the influence of traditional ‘hypnosis’, such as forgetting their name, believing their foot was stuck the floor or even being unable speak when asked questions.

The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all the girls, whilst providing valuable insight into the importance of continuing psychological research and its impact on our understanding of the human brain.

Briony Chitty, Hollie Astle and Zara Iqbal

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