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Psychologists showcase research projects

Sixth Form

06 December 2019

On Monday 25 November, the Year 13 A Level psychologists enjoyed showcasing their mini research projects to other students and members of staff. The students had been working on their projects in small groups throughout the Autumn Term. Their brief was to design an investigation into a topic of their choice, carry it out with fellow students or staff as participants, and then write up a full research report. The students’ hard work culminated in a poster presentation competition at lunch time last week, with Mrs Macro invited to judge their entries. 

The aim of the mini research projects was to help students get to grips with the research methods component of the A Level course in a practical and enjoyable way. There were some fascinating projects this year, including the effect of rosemary on memory, gender differences in performance when exposed to different room temperatures and the use of teacher modelling of tasks to enhance learning. 

Prizes will be awarded to the winning teams during final assembly on the last day of term. Thanks go to Mrs Parsons (Psychology) for organising the competition.

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