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Prep Remembrance Day

13 November 2020

Girls in the Prep School from Nursery to Year 6 have been involved in activities to mark Remembrance Day.

Girls in Westbourne painted and coloured poppies, which they used to decorate the outdoor classroom.

Wednesday 11 November began with a special assembly taken by the girls in 3K.  Everyone was involved in sharing some facts about the day and its history and we held a minute of silent reflection.

Around the school there were many examples of work to mark the special day.  In Year 2 they completed work in History, English and Art based on Remembrance Day. They answered questions about Why, Who and How we remember with focused activities on poppies, the symbol of remembrance.

Year 4 created a wall of remembrance with the poppies they created.  Year 5 decorated the windows with their poppies and in Year 6 girls used their independent time to create silhouette and poppy pictures extending their studies on World War 2.

We are grateful to Shayanna who brought one of the ceramic poppies used in the Tower of London display in 2018 to school. 

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