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Prep News - 10 December 2021


10 December 2021

Christmas celebrations and crafts are well underway in the Prep School.

After performing their own play last week Year 2 had a fantastic time on Wednesday watching 'James and the Giant Peach' at The Crescent Theatre, Birmingham. The girls joined in the interactive show with enthusiasm and it was a wonderful start to their festive season!  Their craft activities have also included learning to fold card carefully in half and practising accurate cutting skills.

Year 3 are continuing their work on maps and plans using an atlas and globe to locate school, the equator, the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, the continents and major oceans. Closer to home they also visited the Crescent Theatre, but on Thursday, to enjoy seeing James and his friends performing.

A further dramatic performance took place this week as Year 4 presented ‘A Tudor Christmas’ to an audience of delighted parents. 

Our Wish Tree in Prep Hall is growing each day as the beautifully decorated baubles containing messages full of good wishes for sick children are added.  We are delighted that our girls are showing such care and concern for people in our community.

In assemblies this week, girls have extended their general knowledge finding out more about the history of women’s football after the FA Cup final and about Walt Disney and his famous characters. This was because Monday was World Walt Disney Day. Girls have also considered how to keep safe in the world outside of school.  
In our Friday Celebration Assembly we started with huge congratulations to Year 4 who have been selected to compete in the West Midlands Heat of the Great Big Dance Off on Wednesday 16 February at Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham. It will be a whole year group performance of their dance ‘Matilda’ which was submitted to the competition by video.  We are really looking forward to their ‘live’ performance.

We presented our Well Done certificates to Years 1 and 2 and some further Monkey Challenge Board Independent Learning awards.  Individual presentations were made to Ava in Year 4 who gained a medal from a gymnastics competition for floor and vault routines and to Sahib in Year 3 for

Looking forward to next term and some warmer weather, we finished planting our Bulbs 4 Kids flower bulbs this week. Each pupil in the Prep School took part. We look forward to seeing our bulbs grow and flowering in the spring.

Before that we are awaiting our last week of activities before breaking up on Wednesday 15 at 12.00.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School


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