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29 January 2021

The week started with a most dramatic change in the weather and snow.  This resulted in many family snow pictures being shared and an opportunity to present some creative news reports.  Lara in Year 2 created a most engaging report of the snow in her home area.

In the cold weather hats were definitely needed outside and I was delighted to receive our first knitted hats in support of Age UK.  Charlotte in Year 3 submitted the first one and there followed a number from other family members.  This is a great start in our support of a national campaign.

On Tuesday, our assembly had a much warmer theme as we marked Australia Day.  Many general facts about the country were shared with the girls and the launch of our Commonwealth Games project was mentioned.  More details will unfold in the coming weeks.

The snow brought great excitement but the girls have also continued to work hard on a wide range of topics across the Prep School.  It is very rewarding to look at all the girls have achieved in their work journals and class blogs.  The photos below give a small snapshot of some of the efforts.

In Year 1 the girls have studied some Victorian artefacts and have continued their Science studies based on the body with a look at breathing and the heart and lungs.  Year 2 have created some London skylines using different items and in Science have conducted chromatography experiments.

In Year 3 the girls have been writing setting descriptions and have researched famous, influential women whilst Year 4 have made comparisons between the meals they eat and those eaten by people in Tudor times.  They have also been continuing work on the Amazon Rainforest, the Geography unit of study for this term.

Year 5 have continued to focus on sketching facial features and in PSHE have looked at how other children around the world are spending this period of lockdown.  The UNICEF resources are proving very interesting and thought provoking.

Year 6 have studied the topic of flooding which has been very apt as many areas of the country have been underwater.  They have also continued their study of optical illusions in Art with very effective results.

In addition to their curriculum studies, the girls are clearly enjoying developing their skills in other areas by undertaking the enrichment challenges.  These have included writing letters, creating cosy reading dens, pasta art, cooking, reporting the news, writing poetry and learning to play new games.

We have closed the week with our whole school birthday assembly, which was an opportunity to unite our whole school community.

Mrs Sally Hartley

Head of Preparatory School

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