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Haute Cuisine for Year 6 Girls

29 January 2021

As part of their French topic on French Cuisine and Chefs, the girls in Year 6 have been researching a famous French chef of their choice.

These included Helene Darroze, Guy Savoy, Paul Bocuse, Jean-Christophe Novelli and Michel Roux. The girls were tasked with presenting information about their date and place of birth, where they trained, how they became famous, signature dishes and other interesting facts.

We have been particularly impressed with their efforts and the girls really enjoyed this opportunity to learn something new. Many had never heard of the Guide Michelin before.

Madame Hennous also shared a selfie of her with famous chef Jean-Christophe Novelli at a French Market in Solihull a few years ago.

Hopefully one day the girls will be able to visit a restaurant associated with one of these chefs. Bon appetit!

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