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08 October 2021

Special days being marked nationally and globally enriched the curriculum for the girls in the Prep School this week. It has been World Space Week and we noted women across the globe who have made a significant contribution to the study of space. Emily was inspired to write a poem on the subject in her own time.

For the past two weeks the girls have been engaged in studying a range of languages for our own EHS Foreign Languages celebration following European Languages Day on 26 September. They have been able to taste food from different cultures and have all learnt greetings in a variety of languages. They shared these as classes, individually and in small groups in Tuesday’s assembly.  What a wonderful multi-cultural community we have.

Wednesday brought a journey back in time for Year 2 girls who were transported to the time of the Great Fire of London. With the help of parents the girls found out more about the occupations of the people of the time, became firefighters and archaeologists and enriched their knowledge of the great event.

National Poetry Day gave Year 4 girls the opportunity to perform poems they had written on a range of colours.  They recited their poems in assembly on Thursday for everyone to enjoy.

#HelloYellow Day on Friday enabled us to support the work of Young Minds and our new Year 6 Pastoral Mentors reminded everyone how important it is to look after our mental as well as physical health. Girls and staff were invited to accessorise their uniform with a yellow item in support. There were hair bands, ribbons, socks and scarves galore.  We hope that families will enjoy playing the Wellbeing Bingo sent home with the girls.

In addition to marking these special days we have also had much else to celebrate and we are delighted that our Sixth Form Liaison prefects, Frankie and Aizah, are able to join us each week as part of our celebration of achievements. They have already been instrumental in involving a number of Senior pupils in the life of Prep. We also look forward each week to hearing the Charity report from our new Charity Monitors for the Year from Year 6. They will be sharing news of forthcoming events with everyone very soon.

This week our celebrations included a huge well done to Miss McKee who ran the London Marathon and was presented with her medal. We also congratulated several Year 3 girls on their sporting achievements. Noor, in Year 3 has been awarded her orange/white belt for passing the 9th Kyu in Karate. Arabella has received a medal for playing in the winning rugby team at a tournament at the weekend. The weekly Well Done certificates were announced too for the girls in Years 1 and 2.

The girls have also enjoyed the start of our co-curricular programme of activities before, during and after school. This has included, amongst many others, construction challenges, super science, art, karate and ballet.  There is a wealth of choice for all girls to select from.

Next week we are looking forward to seeing parents for our first parents evening of the year and then on Friday we have individual photographs being taken which parents will have the opportunity to buy.  We also wish our Year 6 girls well for their Senior School examination for entry to Year 7.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School


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