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03 February 2023

Many of the girls and staff in Prep took part in the Big Garden Bird Watch at the weekend along with thousands of people across the country, having been inspired by the assembly performed by the Eco Reps last week. Everyone was encouraged to spend an hour on Saturday or Sunday recording the number of birds that landed in their gardens on a tally chart.  Anisha, our Eco Champion, is going to analyse our results and will feedback her findings.

This week started with a trip for our Year 4 girls to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford.  This is a new trip on our annual program and will soon become a regular visit after the success.  The girls enjoyed a tour of the museum looking at ancient artefacts and then a workshop on Islamic art and design which links well with their unit in the Art curriculum on Islamic tiles.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday it was the turn of our Year 5 girls to perform and to entertain their parents with their class assemblies.  They helped us to celebrate National Storytelling week by sharing the fables they had written in their English lessons.  

The girls had researched Aesop and his well-known fables and had then written their own.  They chose the moral they wanted to represent and animals with suitable qualities to feature in their tales.  They then crafted their fables using descriptive and figurative language.  A number of the fables were chosen from each class to be performed and classmates worked together to bring the tales to life.

Thursday gave Years 3 and 4 the chance to perform when we held our second Teatime Concert of the year for these age groups.  So many girls were keen to perform that we moved the concert from the Music Department to the Octagon.   

This week we held two Celebration Assemblies in one week.  We celebrated the performances of our Head Girls and musicians in the birthday assembly last week and the singing of all girls in Prep.  We congratulated our Year 1 and 2 girls on their Well Done certificates and heard from our Sports Captains how well the swim squad had performed in the gala against Balsall Common.  

The first awards were given for our Challenge Board for this term based on World Piano Day. These were for posters and a Lego model from Martha, Eliza, Josie and Charlotte.  To further our study of Piano Day we featured our second Morning Musician Pianist of the term.  Jessica from Year 4 played Sonata in A minor giving a very accomplished performance.

There were Independent Learning certificates for some individual art work, poem and posters.  Well done to Rupitha, Waris, Ciara, Zeenia and Jashvita.  Congratulations also to Doris on gaining a high merit in her Entry Level Ballet grade.

Our busy week has ended with a trip to Thinktank for Year 2 girls and we look forward to reporting on this visit next week.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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