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Prep Girls Celebrate Bastille Day

03 July 2020

Prep Girls Celebrate Bastille Day - "VIVE LA REVOLUTION!"

This week in Prep, girls from all year groups have been learning about The French Revolution and Bastille Day.

They have learnt about the terrible treatment of the impoverished French people by the King Louis XVI and his infamous wife, Queen Marie Antoinette. They have taken great delight in using Marie Antoinette's sayings like "Let them eat cake!" and making cards to commemorate the storming of the Bastille prison in Paris and the start of The French Revolution. 

This special day, known as Bastille Day (La Fete Nationale in France) takes place on 14th July and is marked by many parties, parades and fireworks. 

Girls at home and in school have shared in the Bastille Day experience and have produced some beautiful and creative cards. The current pandemic has certainly brought us closer together and the motto of the Revolution 'Liberty, Equality, Fraternity' seems just as poignant today as it did back in 1789. 

Vive la France! Vive EHS!    

Madame Hennous

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