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Year 7 'My Science' Project

03 July 2020

Throughout this year, year 7s have been working on a My Science project on a science related topic of their choosing. The girls complete their research independently and can present their project in any way they like.

There was a wonderful range of projects submitted including homebrewing, an investigation with red cabbage indicator, advise on how to look after your teeth and an extensive project on the periodic table to name a few.

Well done to all of the girls who have completed projects this year, it was fascinating for the Science staff to read through them and we learnt a lot of new Science we hadn’t seen before!

In order to achieve a gold award, the project must be very well presented and thought provoking project. Information may be presented in a variety of ways and will show an in-depth understanding of the topic studied. 

This year the girls achieving gold awards are as follows:

Emily Addis

A fascinating projects on Cats which included some home investigations


Lucy Clarke

A detailed project on The Periodic table with information on every element

The Periodic table

Anoukh Deau

An informative project on The Auroras which made excellent use of images

The Auroras

Anjali Doal

An extensively researched project on Global warming and Climate change

Global warming and Climate change

Georgina Gillott

A project on The Science of Fish that presented varied and interesting information

The Science of Fish

Evie Glass

A very thorough project on The Hippocampus which made a complex subject easy to understand

The Hippocampus

Hanna Hemraj

Asked “Colours - how are they made?” and found out a wide range of techniques 

Colours - how are they made?

Phoebe Hughes

Investigated “How to best look after your teeth” using interviews and her own experimentation.

How to best look after your teeth

Hafsah Mahmood

A thought provoking project on Tumours which was handled sensitively


Fleur Mawdesley

A project on The Brain which explained ideas and terminology clearly

The Brain

Sakinah Rahman

An investigation of How we can test the pH of household substances that extended the  ideas introduced in class

How can we test the pH of household substances 

Gracie Roberts

A relevant and informative project on Marginal gains in reducing drag/friction in competitive swimming

Reducing drag/friction in competitive swimming

Hannaya Sajid

A wide ranging and topical project on Pollution that made great use of data


Laaibah Zia

A detailed project on Technetium which covering its history and application


Maisie Johnson Gregory

A carefully planned practical investigation titled “Why isn't bread alcoholic?”

Why isn't bread alcoholic?

Nether Rajapakse

A clearly structured and thoughtful project on Evolution


Kate Stockton

A beautifully presented project on The Heart including a balance of facts and investigation.

The Heart

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