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Prep celebrate World Languages Day

02 October 2020

Last week we enjoyed lunches from different countries and celebrated the variety of languages in the Preparatory School leading up to European Languages Day on Saturday 26 September. 

This week began with us extending to our own EHS World Languages Day in a special assembly as we celebrated the wealth of languages represented by the girls in Prep.

Madame Hennous zoomed into assembly from Paris!  She introduced us to the greetings in different languages that each year group has been learning.  Year 1 presented in Greek, Year 2 German, Year 3 Portuguese, Year 4 Italian, Year 5 Irish Gaelic and Year 6 in Dutch.  Each class had been recorded presenting their enthusiastic greetings and all girls joined in.

In addition, 22 girls spoke in other languages they use with their families.  We enjoyed individuals speaking in all of the languages above plus Welsh, Latvian, Turkish, Bulgarian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Tamil, Nepalese, Punjabi, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Arabic and Shona  All of the girls gave very confident performances.   What a truly multi-cultural community we are!

Before zooming back to EHS, Madame Hennous launched a competition and challenged the girls to research a country and language of their choice.  We look forward to awarding the prizes to the winning entries.

Merci Beaucoup, Madame Hennous!

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