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02 October 2020

We enjoyed being transported from Paris, all around the world in Tuesday’s assembly as we celebrated our own World Languages Day in the Prep School.  It is clear that the girls all enjoy learning new languages and we are delighted by the number who have entered the Junior Language Challenge.  We are excited to hear which languages they will be introduced to.

Year 1 went on another journey but this time to the local area to extend their Geography studies.  They enjoyed being detectives in the areas around school.

We also celebrated National Poetry Day with performances from Year 5 of some ‘Automated Poems.’   Despite not visiting the Land Rover factory this year the girls were able to replicate the sounds and actions of the robotic machinery used to make the vehicles.  They included very descriptive sounds and actions in their poems and demonstrated great teamwork to produce their performance poetry.

In the special patch at our school allotment, in the historic Guinea Gardens, a very large pumpkin has grown.  All classes have been encouraged to visit the patch and we are looking forward to finding out what happens to the large vegetable.  We will report next week on the most imaginative use of the pumpkin.

Inside the classroom Reception girls have been busy working on their Maths and English skills.  They have been reciting Little Bo Peep and then helping her to find her lost sheep.  They have been herding the correct amount of sheep into each field to match the numbers they have been given.  They have also been looking at shapes around school and at home.  Talking about the shapes, making patterns and pictures and constructing different shapes using a variety of toys are some of the activities they have practised.

We finished this week by recognising the achievements of our pupils in the Celebration Assembly with the announcement of the Well Done Award recipients and the Language Stars of the Week. 

We also launched our #HelloYellow campaign for next week.  Friday could not have been a better day to choose as 2 October is World Smile Day.  This will be our focus for the week as we recognise the need to keep both physically and emotionally healthy.  We hope everyone will find a yellow accessory to wear on Friday 9 October.

Mrs Sally Hartley

Head of Preparatory Schoo

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