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Pocket Money Pledges


15 December 2023

At the start of term the girls in Prep were asked to make pledges to help at home with some chores in return for some pocket money to donate to our weekly charity donation.  Every week the Charity Reps in each class have been keeping a total.

On Tuesday afternoon we held our Coin Snake Trail event, involving all girls in Prep, to total up the final amounts donated. After Ava, our Year 6 Charity Champion, and her measuring and recording helpers, Jessie and Florence had organised the trails each class gathered in the Octagon with their pocket money pots to line up their coin collections.  

There was much Maths involved in this activity with adding up totals and measuring our coin snakes and everyone is excited to hear which class has collected the most money and who created the longest snake. Those who had planned ahead for the event had donated their pledges in smaller denomination coins!

The money will be donated to a charity selected by the girls and the results of the winning classes announced.  This event was a great team effort across the Prep School.

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