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A Culinary Journey Through Spain and Latin America


15 December 2023

In an exciting and flavourful escapade, the Year 11 students recently embarked on a delicious journey through the diverse culinary landscapes of Spain and Latin America. As part of their GCSE Spanish curriculum, students took on the challenge of preparing and savouring a range of authentic dishes from these regions at home and the results were nothing short of spectacular… and so tasty!

The culinary adventure began with the students eagerly trying their hands at some iconic Spanish recipes. The aroma of the dishes filled the air as they presented some dishes such as tortilla de patatas, displaying the artistry required to create the perfect potato omelette.

Nevertheless, the exploration did not stop there. The students broadened their palates by delving into the diverse regions with the southern Pestiños, a sweet and aromatic pastry, and ensaimadas, a delightful Spanish sweet bread, transported us to the sun-drenched streets of Seville and the Balearic Islands. Papas bravas, a spicy and crispy potato dish, added a touch of heat to the gastronomic journey, perfectly complementing the students' exploration of regional flavours.

Paella, a quintessential Spanish dish that reflects the country's rich cultural tapestry was a delight for some students, but a smelly one for others!

As the students indulged in their creations, we engaged in lively discussions about the different regions and dishes from Spain and Latin American countries. From the traditional nachos con salsa to the irresistible tarta de queso, the students explored the nuances of each dish and its cultural significance, enhancing their understanding of the diverse Spanish-speaking world. The culinary journey reached its sweet conclusion in trufas de chocolate, highlighting the delectable fusion of flavours and desserts bring to the table. Excitement from señorita López came when she saw the churros con chocolate, crispy fried dough delights that transport taste buds straight to the bustling streets of Madrid.

This hands-on experience not only satisfied appetites but also deepened the students' appreciation for the rich cultural heritage embedded in Spanish and Latin American cuisine. Through this immersive culinary journey, Year 11 students not only honed their cooking skills but also gained valuable insights into the diverse and vibrant tapestry of Spanish and Latin American cultures. A lesson that transcended textbooks, making learning an experience to savour and enjoy.

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