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Number Day in Westbourne


05 April 2019

Each half term in Westbourne we hold a themed day to extend our girls’ learning beyond the curriculum. After our literary day last half term we decided to focus on numbers this term.

The nursery girls enjoyed looking for the number 3 on Easter eggs in their hunt around the nursery.  Staff enjoyed reading number books to the girls who also played with number train jigsaw.  They really enjoyed their day having fun with numbers.  

In K1 they had lots of fun too. Some of the girls brought in items from home with numbers on which they all enjoyed looking at. They went on an Easter egg hunt in the outdoor area where they had to find hidden eggs with numbers on and put them in order from 1 - 10. They also enjoyed completing their Easter Mathematics books, doing lots of fun activities which included careful counting and numeral writing.

In Reception, they completed addition with raisins, chocolate buttons and eggs, and symmetry work using a real turtle shell. Jigsaws and birthday badges were brought in and a birthday cake was shared between everyone in the class - we learnt about cutting a cake in half then quarters then even sixteenths!  They did dot to dot Easter pictures using numbers to 10 then 20 and even discussed subtraction using colourful pencils and chocolate buttons.
We hope the girls will continue to enjoy working with numbers during the holiday.

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