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27 November 2020

We were delighted to introduce a new feature to our Friday Celebration Assembly last week.  This was our ‘Morning Musician’ performance and Izzy Poade played her violin extremely well as our first performer.  A huge well done to Izzy.  We are looking forward to hearing other musicians throughout the year who have been inspired by her to volunteer to play.

We also hope parents of the girls who took part in the first whole school Teatime Concert enjoyed the virtual event.  The 20 Prep girls who took part played very well especially as their performances were recorded in an empty room with no audience, which is not an easy feat.  We do look forward to being able to hold these in person as soon as we can, although we enjoyed the virtual concert.

Also at the Friday Celebration assembly, Cora Batchelor shared a letter she had received from the Queen.  Cora wrote to Her Majesty expressing her concerns about the amount of plastic items used and the detrimental effect on the environment.  Cora was delighted to hear that the Queen has introduced a new policy in her own royal estates to reduce the amount of plastic that they use.  This concern inspired the theme for our assemblies during the week with the telling of The Starfish Story.

The message to the children has been that although some problems are enormous we should still endeavour to help no matter how small our contribution may seem as all of our small efforts together can make a difference.

Environmental themes, including use of plastic and the future of our oceans, have also featured in the Geography projects prepared by Year 6 girls.  They have each been asked to choose a topic and prepare a two-minute presentation on that theme.  We are looking forward to hearing more of these as the year progresses. 

Other opportunities for girls to share information with their classmates came in Year 3.  The girls brought in items from home associated with prayer. 

In Year 4, they have all been learning about Christmas in Tudor times as they have rehearsed their forthcoming drama which has brought their learning to life.  Christmas and winter has been studied in a thoroughly up-to-date way too as the girls have used computer technology to prepare seasonal pictures.

At EHS Christmas celebrations will officially begin with the tree lighting event on Monday 30 November.  We are delighted that EHSPA has, once again, provided a tree for the school to enjoy.  Whilst we cannot invite families to join us, we are looking forward to Year 6 girls entertaining us and to the official switching on of the lights.

Mrs Sally Hartley

Head of Preparatory School

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