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22 May 2020

Our first assembly of the week was on International Museums Day, 18 May. This event is celebrated all over the world in over 130 countries to raise awareness of the importance of museums. The theme for this year is ‘Museums for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion.’  After sharing some factual details girls were challenged to decide how museums in the future would represent the period of time we are in now. Girls were also encouraged to do a virtual tour of a museum of their choice until they can visit them once again in person.

During the week it has been good to share what the girls have been doing and to see the range of subjects being studied. They have made things, completed written work, puzzled over Maths challenges and been outside to enjoy exercise.  

Year 3’s artwork completed outside was most attractive and very individual and I am looking forward to seeing their Fact Finder information this week on the subject of chocolate, one of my favourites!

Westbourne’s Good Morning messages this week have been all about the importance of reading and Mrs Hartley’s favourite books.  She showed the girls a dog treat cookery book on Monday and followed this up with information about The Gruffalo, Elephants in the Custard and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  The last favourite book of the week was Elmer the Elephant.  This was very appropriate as Saturday 23 May is Elmer Day. If girls are looking for an activity at the start of the half term break they might chose an Elmer related one.

This half term has ended with an ‘Off Curriculum Day’ on the theme of oceans. At EHS we are always keen to promote environmental matters with the children and this theme was chosen prior to World Oceans Day after the holiday. We will report more on the children’s writing, artwork, design skills and creative thinking after the holiday.
I close wishing everyone a happy half term and stay safe.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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