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Monopoly Challenge


22 May 2020

In the Preparatory School each term we set the girls an independent learning challenge which lasts for the term.  We have been delighted by the projects undertaken by the girls from Year 1 to Year 6 so far this Summer Term in the Monopoly Challenge.

The girls can take any approach to this challenge. They can research the history of the game, create a new playing piece for the traditional game or design a new game completely. We have seen great examples of all three of these.

We liked the idea of a rabbit playing piece that could hop along the playing board and enjoyed reading the historical facts that a number of girls researched. We are sure that the toy company would be interested in producing some of the new games too.  Would you like to play Chocopoly, an EHS-themed game featuring the teachers, a Space Race or a game based in Birmingham?  The girls were very creative in their choices based on personal interests.

Mrs Aston has shared these ideas with everyone regularly in assembly time and we hope that other girls might feel inspired to take part in the challenge during the half term holiday.  We look forward to celebrating further entries.

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