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19 June 2020

This week we began by wishing Her Majesty the Queen a belated happy official birthday.  We shared details of why the Queen has two birthdays and how this year’s special day was celebrated in a different way.  Girls in Kindergarten made some crowns which we think the Queen would have approved of.

Mrs Aston also used an assembly to share the most recent work completed for this term’s Challenge Board on the theme of Monopoly.  Some girls had created new playing pieces whilst others had designed whole new boards based on places they have visited, their hobbies and favourite topics.  I am very keen to try the Footopoly version.

We were also delighted to welcome back girls from Year 4 and 5 this week.  Although girls are settled into different rooms in school for lessons it has been good to have them back and they have really enjoyed seeing each other.

Girls have been working hard on their daily Maths and English lessons but have also enjoyed the range of other activities set, particularly the Art challenges.  Year 6 artists have been working on their observational drawing this week in an attempt to sketch Coca Cola bottles, cans and bottle tops accurately.  They also used their creative and coding skills to create new Google logos.

Year 4 completed some one point perspective drawings starting with a vanishing point and horizon line.  This all helped the girls to achieve depth in their pictures.

You can read more about the special Monet Day that Year 3 enjoyed in the additional article.  This was very different to our traditional school based Monet Days but the girls managed to produce great forgeries!

In Year 2 the girls used their artistic skills to complete a piece of Science work on the life cycle of a frog. Some girls chose to make 3D models to illustrate the information.  Year 1 girls also used practical skills to make creatures but this time the school was invaded by caterpillars.

It is clear that during this period of time of ‘Learning Together Whilst Apart’ the girls have been developing a wide range of skills and interests.  Well done everyone!

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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