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EHS Lockdown Bake-Off - The Final Result! 

19 June 2020

The final rounds of this year’s House Bake Off competition took place at the end of last week, with entries from Years 11 and 12, the new House Captains and the staff. With everything to play for, the Houses continued to wow the judges with their creativity and skill.

The House Officials really took this year's theme of "Isolation Madness" to heart and the judges enjoyed seeing the range of bakes they had fitted to the brief.  The winner was Harriet Stanaway, Captain of St, Francis. The judges loved how her loo roll shaped cake took in so many aspects of lockdown from home haircuts, to time with pets and even featured a mini Prime Minister! Second place went to Mia Bentley, Captain of St. George. 

Then finally, it was over to the staff, who had the theme of "Your Lockdown". Again, it was almost impossible to choose and after a long discussion they awarded joint first place to Mrs Jarvis and Mrs Lee. Mrs Jarvis gave us a peek into her lockdown living room in cake form and the judges were so impressed with the detail, even down to the little take-away container.  Mrs Lee's cake was an illustration of the major role Lego has played in her family's lockdown. The judges admired the multicoloured layers and icing inside the cake that complimented the Lego theme. You can see all of the House Officials and Staff entries here:   

Thank you to Mrs Parsons, Mrs Macro, Mrs Syer for judging.  

With all rounds now judged, we can announce the final scores: 

St. Andrew - 25.5 

St. Francis - 25.5 

St. Patrick - 18.5 

St. David - 18 

St. George - 17.5 

Congratulations  to St. Andrew and St. David, joint winners of this year's EHS Bake Off! 

Well done to the House Officials for sorting out all of the entries and a huge thank you to everyone who entered, a fantastic job all round!

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