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02 April 2021

Wear a Hat Day in support of Brain Tumour Research brought some millinery masterpieces to EHS Prep last Friday.  The girls wore a range of woolly hats, caps, bonnets and some wonderful handmade creations.  Their tremendous efforts helped us to raise £618 boosted by a generous donation from a family to whom this cause is important.  We are grateful to everyone for their support.

The sudden burst of warm spring weather has seen much learning taking place outdoors which has added to the enjoyment of the lessons.

Year 1 girls visited our school allotment at the well-known Guinea Gardens.  They were on the hunt for signs of spring and were not disappointed.

Year 6 located the world’s continents, at speed, on large maps in the playground whilst Year 5 did some revision of practical measuring in the sunshine.

Year 5 enjoyed some further practical work on the circulatory system.  They pretended to be red blood cells taking oxygen from the lungs to a body cell in a Science lesson.  They moved fast through the arteries and acted as valves to prevent blood back flow in the veins. They crouched down small through the tiny capillaries to show it is a tight squeeze for the red blood cells to get through.  They will remember this process through the practical approach to the lesson and are really looking forward to their Science Club next term.

We have enjoyed a focus on Science and Geography lessons and developing the girls’ STEM skills in this last week of the term.  Year 5 girls performed their Geography presentations on sustainable farming and the winning group from 5F shared theirs with everyone via Zoom in assembly.  They also enjoyed creating 3D images on iPads in an extension of ICT skills.

Preparing for Earth Day on return after the holiday our Eco Reps have set a challenge for the girls in Years 1 – 6.  They have asked everyone to design and make an Eco Fairy Garden.  We are already looking forward to seeing how imaginative the girls are.

In our Celebration Assembly, Certificates of Achievement were presented to Prep girls for their endeavours during the term.  We also announced the winners of the Inter-House Netball competition and are delighted to present the trophy to, Nightingale for their overall victory.

We finished with our traditional three cheers for the school guided by Esme and Maryam, our head and deputy head girl.

I close wishing all of our families a good Easter holiday and lots of chocolate!

Mrs Sally Hartley

Head of preparatory School

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