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17 May 2019

The girls in Nursery always enjoy being busy and no two weeks are the same. The range of activities planned for them extends their experiences and knowledge of the world around them. We share just a few of this week’s enjoyable moments.

As part of their mathematical work they have been developing their knowledge of shapes with a focus on triangles. They had a variety of different shapes to sort and the number of triangles grew throughout the session. Spreading butter on triangles of toast made the project even more fun.

The lovely weather encouraged some outdoor activities including blowing bubbles. After blowing coloured bubbles to create interesting paintings the girls blew bigger and bigger bubbles in the playground. The added advantage of this activity is the strengthening of abdominal muscles for sustained speech.

A unicorn cake to celebrate a birthday gave good opportunity for discussion of the number 3. The girls always enjoy moving their photo onto the large number shape as part of their special celebration.

As an activity the girls could all enjoy together, they practised their parachute song for the opening ceremony of Sports Day which will take place in a few weeks’ time, weather permitting.

What will next week bring?

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