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New-bees buzzing in the Sixth Form

Sixth Form

18 June 2021

The Sixth Form Common Room has been buzzing again this week, but this time with its newest and keenest inhabitants, our lovely Year 11's (who are raring to go as always!) by having introductory lessons to their A Levels options.

The girls have been super busy all week, completing a range of activities, learning a whole range of important life lessons. The girls have had a great time participating in a First Aid course, learning new skills in Self Defence, under the eagle eye of an instructor, and also learning about Safeguarding and Mentoring in training workshops with Mrs Campbell.

But they are now back in school - and this time as Sixth Formers - in - training.

Over the coming week, Year 11 will complete pre-A level work by attending lessons in their chosen A level subjects and by continuing with online courses designed to help them prepare thoroughly for A level studies. 

Feedback from last year’s Year 12 students was extremely positive about getting a little head start and insight into the academic challenges that await. I know the girls will all find the opportunity to get to grips with their A Level courses invaluable and hope it will maximise their progress and gave them a real confidence boost come September. The girls have also enjoyed some of the special perks of EHS Sixth Form - like having the Common Room- and getting to truly experience for themselves the reality of Year 12 life.

I know, from what I have seen this year already, that Year 11 will rise to this challenge, like worker bees! With grit and grace they will thrive once again!

Keep buzzing girls!

Miss O'Hare




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