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Music in Lockdown

22 January 2021

This term would have been an opportunity for  girls in Prep and Senior School to be part of events like the School Birthday. As events cannot happen in person, girls have been sharing contributions for these events online with their teachers. It has been great to see so many parents involved in the music making at home too.

Whilst away from school, Prep girls have been engaging with songs shared by the Music School and Charanga Music World activities. The Senior School have been developing their practical skills in lessons, particularly singing and the use of GarageBand, and practicing music for different ensembles as part of our ongoing and wide ranging cocurricular programme.

We would also like to thank our visiting music teachers for their tireless efforts to provide online lessons for girls during our time away from EHS. We would also like to congratulate all of the girls who have achieved ABRSM, LCM and Trinity examination grades through online performance and theory examinations, despite the additional challenges last term.

We look forward to hearing the progress our girls have made from their efforts at home making music, entertaining their families with their vocal and instrumental talents.


Mr N Southall

Deputy Director of Music

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