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Minibeast Hunt for Year 2


16 June 2023

Year 2 pupils had a fantastic day out at Kingsbury Water Park. The activities supported work currently being studied in Science lessons on minibeasts and their habitats. After meeting the knowledgeable rangers, the pupils split into their classes.  2S started the day pond-dipping whilst 2R learned about minibeasts found on land. After a picnic lunch, the classes had the opportunity to try each other's activities.

At the pond, the pupils were briefed on how to safely and effectively use the nets, trays, scoops and magnifying tubs to capture and study a range of pond life. Minibeast identification cards were provided so the pupils could name their finds! The pupils caught an amazing range of wildlife including pond snails, water spiders, pond skaters, mayfly nymphs and water boatmen.  After some careful observation, all minibeasts were safely returned to the pond.

The land-based minibeast activity started with a fun treasure hunt which highlighted the importance of camouflage.  Once all the treasure had been discovered, the pupils headed into the forest armed with special paintbrushes and magnifying pots. They found a huge variety of invertebrates on the forest floor such as ground beetles, ladybirds, millipedes, centipedes, slugs and snails.  The pupils were interested to learn how these minibeasts have adapted to the forest habitat before returning them to their homes.  Everyone then headed to the meadow where the pupils used huge nets to capture grasshoppers, aphids, butterflies, caterpillars and more.  It was fascinating to see how different the forest and meadow minibeasts were from each other.

An enjoyable and informative day was had by all and it was great to explore practically what is being learned about in the classroom.  Many thanks to the Kingsbury Water Park staff who looked after us so well.

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