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It All Adds Up at Legoland

Senior School

16 June 2023

This week Year 7 pupils hopped onto the coach for our Maths trip, buzzing with excitement, deciding which rides we wanted to go on the most. Destination? Legoland!

After lots of napping and singing on the way there, we finally made it to Windsor. We started our adventure in Miniland, a land full of tiny Lego cities. Our job was to collect data about the mini buildings, like how many bricks they were made up of, and how long it took to build them. We’ll then analyse this data in our future maths lessons. 

Once we had collected our data, we were free to explore the rest of Legoland. We went on rides like Fire and Ice, and Mia’s Riding adventures (it doesn’t sound scary but it really is!) Me and my friends even got our faces painted! We then looked around for restaurants, and found an all-you-can-eat pizzeria. 

We got ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s and made a quick stop at the gift shop, before falling fast asleep at the back of the coach on the way home. Many thanks to the supervising teachers, especially Mr Ball for arranging and planning the trip. This is a school trip I’m sure we will all remember!

Written by Edith, Year 7

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