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Visiting Ancient Egypt


16 June 2023

Year 6 enjoyed a visit to Ancient Egypt on Friday when 'History off the Page' helped them travel back in time to extend their knowledge further and to bring their History studies to life. The girls gave great feedback to this exciting day in school:

"We were intrigued by the many tables in the area covered in clay, card, pre-made dough and much more. Our very kind Egyptian expert, Victoria, explained the variety of great activities available in the ‘market place’ which was really in Prep Hall.

"We made mini slave dolls and canopic jars, which held the organs extracted from the dead body at one stall. The next table was wrapping pegs in bandages for the mummifying part."

"I used all of my strength crushing stones to make ink and used the ink to write my Egyptian name like a real scribe.  The hieroglyphs were a bit tricky though."

"I loved playing Osiris in the story of Isis and Osiris.  There was drama and death and a crown stolen by a jealous brother, and a god.  Everything you’d want in a play."

"What an amazing time we had.  We’re glad we didn’t miss any of it."

Hafsa Alam, Auria Ali and Helin Wang, Year 6

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