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Summer Music


16 June 2023

Music wafted all through school on Wednesday evening as Prep held their annual Summer Concert.

Girls from all years in Prep, from Year 1 to 6, took part.  In the last two weeks we have featured our soloists in the two Teatime Concerts but this was an opportunity for the girls to work together and showcase their ensemble work.

The evening opened with our orchestra playing a Last Night of the Proms Medley and it really felt like we were in the Albert Hall, minus the flags. It was wonderful seeing the mix of ages involved and having keyboard players included.  

Our other instrumental ensembles which performed were the String Group accompanied by Davica in Year 4, Flute Group and the Guitar Ensemble. Musicians in these groups from Year 2 to 6 clearly enjoyed performing for the large audience of parents and friends.

The singing in the concert was also excellent and our three choirs treated us to a wealth of different musical styles.  Year 1 and 2 girls enjoyed performing with lots of actions included in their Machine song and big smiles on their faces.  Our Junior Choir from Years 3 and 4 sang ‘Tomorrow’ and ‘Gonna Rise Up Singin’ with much enthusiasm and the concert finished with a performance from our Senior Choir from Years 5 and 6.  The final song, ‘I Believe I can Fly’, demonstrated some impressive experimental singing the choir has been working on.

The concert proved to be an excellent end to a perfect summer day.  Well done to everyone.

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