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Mathematicians take the UKMT Challenge

29 March 2018

Last Friday, Sidrat, Aditi, Marie-Eve and Francesca attended the UK Team Maths Challenge at Aston University. 

The competition consisted of four rounds of mathematical challenges, the first of which was a Group round where girls were given 10 questions and only 45 minutes to complete them. The second Crossword round was a favourite and the girls were pleased to achieve high marks.

Following the lunch break, the girls worked in pairs for the Shuttle round. Each person provided their partner with a number which then they would use to work out a question. The final round of the day was the Relay round which required contestants to run from one end of the hall to the other, answering questions. After an exhausting session of running around carrying flappy pieces of paper it finally came to a halt.  

After a short wait, the scores were announced and EHS placed 15th out of 30 schools. The girls were extremely pleased with this result and thoroughly enjoyed the day.


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