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Mathematicians take the challenge further

Sixth Form

30 November 2018

On Wednesday 21 November, Further Mathematicians from Year 12 and 13, accompanied by Mr Rees, travelled to participate in the UKMT Senior Team Challenge. 

There were three different rounds to this challenge. In the first round the girls had to answer a set of 10 stretching questions that required problem solving skills and time management. The girls did particularly well in this round, scoring nearly all the questions correct. 

The second round was a cross-number puzzle that required the girls to pair off and answer the questions strategically to provide the other pair with the correct answers. The girls managed to complete this round, despite its difficulty, and were ready to move on to their final task. 

Next came the shuttle round. The girls set off to a good start and received bonus marks for the first few questions even though the time constraints were very structured and they were rushing to finish in the last few minutes. 

The competition was tough and after a hard mornings work it was announced that the girls came in overall 9th place. We look forward to many more mathematics challenges in the future!

Davina Mahgerefteh and Mandeep Karlcut

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