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Looking after your well-being

28 January 2021

Taking time away from your screen and doing a mindful activity can be so beneficial for your mental well-being. There are lots of short mindfulness practices available but remember other activities can also be mindful and therefore good for your well-being.  You could read a book, go for a walk, do some baking, have a chat and a hot chocolate or enjoy drawing a picture- you can gain so much from a little 'you time'. Yi Bao in Year 12 produced these amazing drawings in her free time. What can you do this week in your 'downtime'? You are always welcome to share your ideas and creations with your Head of Year. 

The person on the left of the first picture is Wang Yibo and the person on the right is Xiao Zhan. They are both Chinese celebrities, Yibo is an actor, dancer, singer, rapper, and the host of a variety show called Day Day Up and he is also a professional motorcycle racer. Xiao Zhan is an actor and singer and he also used to be a graphic designer. They both stared in a drama called The Untamed (which is on Netlix if you are interested). The writing on the first drawing means "there are many years to come" or "the coming days would be long".

Yi Bao explains her drawings and says ‘They’re only simple outline drawings but not everything needs to be complex and extravagant, sometimes the best things in life are the simple ones. I know that these aren’t the most beautiful drawings in the world, but I think that the fact they are only a simple outline makes them elegant and beautiful in their own way.

Mrs Ehiogu

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