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Fit in Feb challenge!

Senior School

28 January 2021

After the success of our 100km in May challenge last year, we are back for another month long challenge.  The challenge is open for all pupils to take part, and even parents too!  The challenge is a simple and effective way of improving your physical fitness levels, and a way of boosting your mental health.  As we all know, exercise releases hormones known as endorphins.  These are better known as our ‘happy hormones’.  

This month long challenge is a point’s based challenge where individuals aim for one of 3 levels – Gold, Silver or Bronze. (See diagram in the gallery below). 

How to collect points

30 minutes to 1 hour walk = 1 point

30 minute yoga or pilates session = 1 point

30 minutes of dancing = 2 points

30 minutes to 45 minute aerobic workout = 2 points

30 minutes bike ride = 2 points

30 minute run = 3 points

30 minute HIIT session = 3 points

1 hour bike ride = 3 points 


Remember, the more activity you do, the more points you win yourself.  Prizes will be awarded as incentives to Get Fit in February.

We would love you to share your progress with us.  Please tag us in your social media posts Twitter - @Edgbaston_High and @EHS_PE_DANCE

Instagram - @edgbastonhighschool and @ehspe

Alternatively, email

Pupils in Year 7-13 can post their points in the ‘Fit in Feb Challenge’ channel on the co-curricular team.

Good luck!

Mrs Parsons

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