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Lion Learners

04 May 2018

Westbourne enjoyed their annual visit from Lion Learners last week when Kristan brought a wonderful selection of animals for the girls to meet. 
Oreo and Theo the rabbits were very popular with their amazingly soft fur. The girls were keen to stroke them and we discovered their favourite food was apple just like some of the girls.

Blizzard the lizard (aka Bearded Dragon) was really exciting. He had very rough skin. Autumn the corn snake has really grown over the years and the girls loved her beautifully coloured markings. They were not so keen, however, on hearing her favourite food was mice!

Tia the tarantula was a big hit with the girls although not so much with the teachers. We discovered she was so delicate we could not stroke her but the girls enjoyed holding her gently. 

There were chicks, guinea pigs and giant millipedes too. It was so much fun the girls and teachers did not want the experience to end.

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