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Linguists are Business Language champions

Senior School

14 February 2020

On Thursday 6 February, 12 linguists from Year 10 who are learning either French, German or Spanish, took part in a languages day at Hall Green School. The day, entitled ‘A Flair for International Fashion’,  focused on how languages are used in the fashion industry.

On arrival, the girls were put into teams with pupils from other schools, so they were not only practising their language but also their social skills.

Amongst other activities, the girls were tasked with designing a pair of jeans for the international market. They had a keynote talk from a product designer who had worked for many fashion brands, who gave tips on what designers need to take into consideration when thinking about a new garment design. They then had to work with their team to produce a design for a pair of jeans with a focus on environmental sustainability and then give a presentation in either French, Spanish or German, telling a panel of judges about their process and how they had come up with their ideas.

We are delighted that Iqra Salman and Rhea Joshipura were on the winning team. Indira Jagpal got a special mention for her excellent communication skills, great teamwork and creativity and Polly Starkie was also recognised for the hard work she had put into her presentation.

All the girls worked really hard in their groups and got a great deal out of the day. Well done!

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