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Lecture spans 500 years of Ancient Greek history

Sixth Form

08 March 2019

On Thursday 28 February, EHS girls had the opportunity to attend a talk on the topic ‘the Legacy of Ancient Greece’ by William Lawrence, a retired Classics teacher.

His talk featured a brief overview of a fascinating period stretching from Mycenaean Greece (familiar to many of us as the Ancient Greece Homer sings of in his epic poems, ‘the Iliad’ and ‘Odyssey’), all the way to the Persian and Peloponnesian Wars of the Classical period which meant that in the span of around 45 minutes, we were able to get a brief overview of almost 500 years of Ancient Greek history. 

Girls from all year groups who attended were able to learn something new whether they were students starting out on their first venture into the Classics, or more seasoned Classicists in Sixth Form (who were keen to note the subtle references to the A-Level Classical Civilisation proscribed sources of The Bacchae and The Frogs!) 

We would like to thank Mrs McAlister and the Classics department for arranging this fascinating talk which has truly broadened our horizons when considering the impact of the Ancient Greeks on the modern Western civilisation. 

Elyanna Choi, Sixth Form

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