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Invasion of the Vikings


08 July 2022

Year 3 have greatly enjoyed learning about 'Invaders and Settlers' in their History lessons this year. They ended the year with a fantastic hands-on workshop focusing on the Vikings and their time in Britain. 

 In the morning the pupils learned all about Viking society from a visitor dressed in replica Viking clothing. They discovered more about Viking family life and the different roles of each family member.  They turned their hands to grinding wheat using heavy stones, playing Viking board games and using Viking tools. They took part in Viking cookery role play and tried to summon other Vikings by blowing on animal horns! They tried on replica Viking jewellery and compared this to modern day necklaces too.

During the first afternoon session, the pupils learned how to knit. They worked really hard to produce some beautiful bracelets as the technique was not easy to master!  

The day ended with the pupils becoming Viking warriors!  They were given replica Viking spears and shields and learned to hold these correctly. They marched and prepared for battle and their warrior cries must have deterred any potential invaders as the school remained safe!

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