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Introducing the Sixth Form Prefects

Sixth Form

08 October 2021

Say hello to our team of Year 12 and Year 13 Prefects! 

At Edgbaston High School we aim to give our most senior girls plenty of opportunity to take on leadership roles in the Sixth Form.  As natural role models to the youngest girls, they enter the Sixth Form ready to take advantage of new-found freedoms and independence and also to hone important skills that will be needed for university and the world of work beyond, such as teamwork, communication, time management and problem solving. 

Whilst the Student Leadership Team of Head Girl and two Deputies are perhaps the most high profile of the positions available, there are plenty of opportunities for girls to rise to the challenge in other roles too.

Year 12 School Prefects are responsible for performing duties around school at lunch and break times. This year has also seen the introduction of a new opportunity to become Prep Prefects. Working specifically in our Preparatory School, they help to support young readers and assist at Prep events. Year 12 girls can also become House Representatives and are responsible for assisting the House Captains in the running of House events.  Many Year 12 girls also become mentors to younger girls, meeting regularly with their mentees and working with them on specific aspects such as organisation or help with school work in a particular subject.

Girls in Year 13 can become Form Mentors with responsibility for a form in Years 7-9, spending time with their forms during registration, break or lunchtimes. They get to know their forms and have a very positive part to play in the school’s wider pastoral programme, supporting younger girls and acting as their ‘big sisters’.

Year 13 students may also take on posts of responsibility in the House system, as House Captain, Deputy House Captain or Sports Captain of their own House, flexing their organisational skills to direct younger girls and their peers for House events such as the Bake Off, Christmas House Gala and House Quiz.

Other Senior Prefects take on specific roles, for example spearheading a programme of fundraising events as Charity Rep or implementing green initiatives in contribution to the school’s Green Award status.

Congratulations to all our Sixth Form leaders! Together, the girls make a formidable team. We thank them in advance of their contributions to date, and for the pivotal role they will undoubtedly play in energising, supporting and leading the school community as the year progresses.




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